Last weekend marked the passing of another year in the life of the great Marius! Several of the Order of Obsidian Knights turned out to wish him good fortune and to see him get really drunk. I brought along a trusty little digital camera which only held 40 pictures, and I managed to fill it up with some interesting and memorable images of events that transpired. Enjoy. :)

My wife and I decided on short notice to make the trip up to the Bay Area. I skipped work on Friday and we managed to arrive for dinner on Friday night. We watched Princess Bride (Farok knows all the words, ask him!) and ate a delicious meal prepared by MoRi (thank you, lovely MoRi!) and settled in to talk about mudding on New Moon! We also started drinking and having a good time.

Unfortunately, we didn't unpack the camera until the next morning. Don't worry, you aren't missing much. Nobody got naked the first night. ;P

Saturday dawned a couple hours after we all crashed. I missed it, of course, as did everyone except my wife (who doesn't mud and crashed much earlier than the rest of us, probably bored senseless by all the New Moon trivia!) but we can't hold that against her because she's just too cute.

Anyway, I unpacked the camera and came downstairs. My first victims were Marah and Yakko, who were caught completely by surprise. They're probably going to petition me to take this picture down immediately, so we'll see how much bribe money they'll offer.

Next I returned to the scene of the first crime and caught Parn where last I'd caught Marah: in Yakko's dark den! Parn's eternal cloak of shadow must have messed up the flash though, as it didn't go off. (Don't worry, I'll get Parn later ;)

I then found out why Marah is so easy to see when she's hiding. See if you can find her in this picture (hint: that's MoRi behind the pink thing)

More stealth camera work caught Farok unsuspecting. The ladies will appreciate the stunning camera angle and pose. Again, we'll see how much bribe money is offered to take it down. Bribe money will also be accepted to keep it up, and we'll weigh the one against the other to determine the fate of these pics.

Next I picked on Marah and Yakko again. I'm not sure if she was threatening him or just stealing his hair, but this is what I saw!

By about 1:30pm on Saturday we'd finally coaxed Marius out of bed and through the shower, and it was time for LUNCH! I was too hungry to carry the camera with me.

After lunch we decided to go and get us some physical activity. We decided to go to the park to play ball and swing on the swings. On the way I snapped this picture of Marius and my wife in the back of the car. Don't they both look cheery?

When we arrived at the park, Yakko and Marius immediately made for the childrens toys. They were having a blast!

We then spied a castle not far from the childrens toys, and of course we had to lay siege. The castle fell without much of a fight. Marah and Yakko reigned supreme for several minutes.

Marius had less success...

Meanwhile I disguised myself as the executioner!

Until finally, disguised as a suave gigolo, I took over the bridge!

Marius celebrates his birthday

Marius turned a year older as we all watched. To celebrate, we went to a small restaurant in downtown San Francisco. I'll post that story and those pictures later.