New Moon Mud

I'm a volunteer programmer (called 'creator') on New Moon Mud. A 'Mud' is a Multi-User Domain (or, more traditionally, a Multi-User Dungeon) which means that a bunch of people can connect to it over the Internet and play together. New Moon is Free (as in Beer) to play, but in order to look at the source code you have to be invited to become a creator.

Being a creator on New Moon is fun and challenging. The software that facilitates the game is MudOS v22.2b9 and is freely available if you can find a mirror that's still active. On top of that, New Moon has its own Mudlib which is the code that implements all the neat things you can see and do in the game. New Moon Mudlib is closed-source and belongs to Bannor, the High Lord of New Moon. It's all coded in LPC, and is based loosely on the old Disc World mudlib from way back. Both have evolved greatly over the last 10 years or so, however, so now they look very different.

I'm a member of the Frontier and Independent domains on New Moon, and have also done some small amount of work in Amethyst, Frontier, Home, Learning, and Underdark domains.

My current projects

I've posted some pictures from mudmeets I attended.